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Digital Force & Torque Gauges

     Series TT03                                                  Series TT01

       Series TT03 digital torque gauges are designed             Series TT01 cap torque testers provide closure
       for clockwise and counter-clockwise torque testing         manufacturers, bottlers, and food and beverage
       applications in virtually every industry, with capacities  companies an accurate and simple way to measure
       from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin (7 to 1,150 Ncm). A             application and removal torques. Adjustable posts
       dedicated remote torque sensor with Jacobs                 grip a broad range of container shapes and sizes,
       chuck can be used to grip a sample, bit, or fixture.       while sets of optional jaws are available as an
       The gauges’ rugged aluminum housing allows for             alternative gripping methods. Peak torque readings
       hand-held use or test stand mounting for more              are always shown on the large, backlit graphic
       sophisticated testing requirements.                        display.

     Features:                                                    Features:

       n	 Rugged, compact design                                  n	 USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
       	Indicator and remote sensor with Jacobs chuck.
                                                                  n	 Data memory
           Can be hand-held or mounted to a test stand.           	1,000-point data memory with statistics (min, max,

       n	 USB data output                                            mean, standard deviation), and outputs.
       	Continuous or individual readings may be output
                                                                  n	 Set point indicators with outputs
           to a PC through included USB output.                   	 Convenient for pass/fail testing.

       n	 Set point indicators                                    n	 Automatic data output / save / zero
       	High, low, and in-range indicators are displayed         	 Upon peak torque detection.

           according to programmed upper and lower set            n	 1st / 2nd peak detection
           points.                                                	For slip and breakaway torques in tamper-

       n	 Analog load bar                                            evident closures.
       	Provides visual representation of applied load,

           and helps provide feedback for an imminent
           overload condition.

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