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About Mark-10

        Mark-10 Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of force and torque measurement products.
        Since our founding in 1979, our products have proven themselves in numerous applications at
        companies in the automotive, medical device, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging, food,
        and many other industries.

    Focus On Engineering

      Founded in 1979 as an engineering consultancy, and branching
      out into contract manufacturing in the 1980s, Mark-10 has
      focused on better engineering and technical expertise from
      our very beginning. Having acquired years of expertise in force
      measurement, we developed our first force gauge in 1990.
      Our product line has grown significantly since then, including
      indicators with remote sensors, manual and motorized test
      stands, a full range of grips and fixtures, along with software
      and accessories.

    A Culture of Innovation

      As an independent, family-run business, we are free to make
      decisions that best serve our customers’ interests. Through
      frequent collaboration between Engineering, Manufacturing,
      Marketing, and Sales, we keep a pulse on the market, and
      address those needs with products which are elegant, easy to
      use, and cost effective.

    Integrated Manufacturing

      Within the walls of our fully integrated Copiague, NY facility, a
      product often starts out as a chat over a cup of coffee. Utilizing
      the latest in CAD technology, CNC machining, and a talented
      team of technicians and assemblers, product ideas come to
      life. Technical support and customer service are right down the
      hallway. With our team under one roof, customer questions and
      feedback are addressed quickly and accurately.

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