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Plug & TestTM Adapter Model PTA

                                  Model PTA

                                  Connect common strain gage-based load cells, force
                                  sensors, and torque sensors to Models 7i, 5i and 3i
                                  indicators with this user-configurable adapter and software.

                                  Sensor capacity and resolutions may be programmed
                                  via an included software utility, which includes a library of
                                  common force capacities from 0.12 to 750,000 lbF (0.5 N
                                  to 4,000 kN), and torque capacities from 10 ozFin to 40,000
                                  lbFft (7 Ncm to 57,000 Nm).

                                  An identification number may be programmed, which
                                  is displayed upon indicator power-up or the indicator’s
                                  Information screen. Through Plug & TestTM technology, all
                                  configuration and calibration information is saved within the
                                  adapter. This flexibility allows for interchangeability between
                                  multiple sensors with any Mark-10 indicator.


                                  n 	 C ompatible with strain gage-based load cells, force
                                      sensors, and torque sensors

                                  n 	 S crew terminal block allows for easy connection of
                                      sensor wires

                                  n 	 S oftware configuration utility is included, for easy
                                      programming of sensor capacity, resolution, and
                                      identification number

                                  n 	 P rogram the adapter via USB or RS-232 through the

                                  n 	 Mounting holes for bench mounting

    Sensor Requirements:          Ordering Information

    Type: Full bridge             Model No.                    Description
    Resistance: 300 - 1,000 ohms  PTA Plug and TestTM adapter
    Sensitivity: 1-3 mV/V

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