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Wire Crimp Pull Testers

    Model WT3-201

    Manual, 200 lbF / 1,000 N

    The WT3-201 is an integrated solution for manual wire crimp
    pull testing requirements. An ergonomic lever allows for easy
    application of force. Adjustable terminal fixture contains multiple
    slots for diameters up to AWG 3 (0.25 in [6.3 mm]). USB output,
    data memory, and peak force capture are provided.

    ^Adjustable wire terminal fixture accommodates wire  ^U nique knurled cam design effectively secures and  ^E rgonomic lever eas-
       diameter sizes up to 0.25 in (6.3 mm).                pulls the loose end of the sample.                    ily applies force and
                                                                                                                   releases the sample.

    Features:                                                    Ordering Information

    n Peak force capture                                         Model No.                              Description

    n USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs                  WT3-201    Wire terminal tester, 110V

    n D ata memory                                          WT3-201E Wire terminal tester, 220V EUR
      1,000-point data memory with statistics (min, max, mean,
      standard deviation), and outputs.                          WT3-201U Wire terminal tester, 220V UK

    n P assword protection                                      WT3-201A Wire terminal tester, 220V AUS
      Passwords may be set for calibration and for individual
      keys, designed to protect the tester against unauthorized  WT3001     Carrying case
                                                                 WT3002     Ring terminal fixture

                                                                 WT3003     Machinable blank terminal fixture

                                                                 AC1049     Calibration kit

    n A utomatic output
      Automatic output / data storage / zeroing upon sample
      break helps automate testing processes

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