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Wire Crimp Pull Testers

Model WT3-201M

Motorized, 200 lbF / 1,000 N

The WT3-201M is an integrated motorized solution for
destructive and non-destructive wire crimp pull testing
requirements, such as pulling to a load and load holding.
Adjustable terminal fixture contains multiple slots for
diameters up to AWG 3 (0.25 in [6.3 mm]). USB output,
data memory with time stamp, and peak force capture
are provided, along with the ability to save up to 500 test

^The tester automatically starts when the sample    ^A s the test begins, serrated cams       ^Save and recall multiple profiles, for
   is loaded, and returns to home when the sample       engage the sample. A pinch guard (red      quick and accurate switchover to differ-
   breaks. Adjustable terminal fixture accommodates     tab shown above) automatically rotates     ent test methods.
   wire diameters up to 0.25 in (6.3 mm)                into position, for added safety.

Features:                                                Ordering Information

n	 Measures real-time and peak force values              WT3-201M                Hardware
n	Selectable test speed, w/high speed approach and      WT3-201ME  Motorized wire crimp pull tester, 110V
                                                         WT3-201MU  Motorized wire crimp pull tester, 220V EUR
    reverse                                              WT3-201MA  Motorized wire crimp pull tester, 220V UK
n	 Auto-start upon sample insertion                      WT3002     Motorized wire crimp pull tester, 220V AUS
n	 Auto-reverse at sample break or load                  WT3003     Ring terminal fixture
n	USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs             WT3004     Machinable blank terminal fixture
n	2,000-point data memory with statistics, output, and  AC1049     Carrying case
                                                                    Calibration kit
    date and time stamp                                  WF010
n	Save and recall up to 500 test profiles               WF011             Controller Options
n	Pull to a specified load or maintain load for a       WF012      Profiles
                                                         WF013      Pull to load limit
    specified period of time, as per UL 486A/B           WFCOMP     Load holding
                                                                    Date and time stamp
                                                                    Complete options package (includes all Controller Options)

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