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                                                  MESURTMgauge / MESURTMgauge Plus software

                                                  MESURTMgauge and MESURTMgauge Plus expand the functionality
                                                  of force and torque measuring instruments and test stands. Both
                                                  programs share the ability to capture and display data in graphical
                                                  format for load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time. MESURTMgauge Plus
                                                  adds the ability to control the motion of certain Mark-10 motorized test
                                                  stands, coordinating motion control and data acquisition.


                                                  n 	Tabulate and plot continuous or                 n 	S t a t i s t i c a l c a l c u l a t i o n s o f
                                                     single-point data                                   acquired data. Automatically
                                                                                                         recalculates for custom ranges.
                                                  n 	MESURâ„¢gauge Plus starts and
                                                     stops certain model motorized                    n 	One-click export to Excel
                                                     test stands, coordinating motion                 n 	Customize test setups for future
                                                     control and data collection with
                                                     just one click                                      recall
                                                                                                      n 	Customize reports and templates
                                                  n 	Real time tabular and graphical                 n 	Configure certain Mark-10
                                                     data acquisition of load vs. time
                                                     or load vs. travel vs. time                         gauges and indicators through
                                                                                                         a simple interface
                                                  n 	Configurable start and stop test                n 	View real time data on a large
                                                     triggers (time, load, number of                     simulated instrument display
                                                     samples, or distance)

^V iew real time data in graphical and tabular   ^Analyze test data via x-y cursor and                  ^Generate reports, including test data,
   formats. Also, remotely zero the force gauge      statistical calculations for specified regions.         graph, statistics, date and time, and
   or test stand travel display.                     Tests may be saved and recalled, and data               user-configurable fields.
                                                     may be exported to Excel with one click.

                                                  Ordering Information:

                                                  Model No.                              Description
                                                  15-1004    MESURTMgauge software
                                                  15-1005    MESURTMgauge Plus software*
                                                  15-1004    Upgrade, MESURTMgauge to MESURTMgauge Plus*

^C onfigure start and stop conditions, such as   * M inimum required test stand controller firmware versions for motion control:
   load, break, time, or distance. Select either    ESM303 / ESM303H: Front: 2.02.04, Main: 2.02.04
   discrete data point collection or continuous     ESM1500: Front: 2.02.02, Main: 2.02.02
   data collection at up to 50 Hz.

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