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                                MESURTM Lite software

                                       MESURTM Lite is a basic data collection program included with
                                       Mark-10 gauges, indicators, and testers. MESURTM Lite tabulates
                                       continuous or single point data from a gauge. Data saved in the
                                       gauge’s memory can also be downloaded in bulk. One-click export
                                       to Excel allows for further data manipulation.

                                           n  Tabulates continuous, single-point, or saved data from a gauge
                                           n  One-click export to Excel
                                           n  Configurable start and stop test triggers

                                          < T he Settings tab allows                       < The Acquisition tab displays
                                             the user to select gauge                          the current reading and
                                             series, COM port, reading                         tabulates data. Also
                                             mode (discrete or contin-                         provides a means of
                                             uous data collection), and                        downloading saved data
                                             start and stop conditions.                        from a Mark-10 instrument
                                                                                               and one-click export to
    Software comparison chart                                                                  Excel.

                                          MESURTMgauge                   MESURTMgauge Plus                MESURTM Lite
                                                                                                          Instruments only
    Compatible equipment                     Instruments, test stands, travel displays                   Load vs. time only
    Type of data
    Motion control of motorized stands       Load vs. time / load vs. travel / custom                             X
    Data tabulation
    Export to Excel                       X                                                                       X
    Graphing and analysis tools                                                                                 5,000
    Max. number of data points                                 Unlimited                                    0.1 - 10/sec.
    Data sampling rate                                   0.000001 - 50/sec.
    Statistical calculations                                                                                      X
    Available start conditions                        Time, load, travel distance                             Load only
                                                      Time, load, sample break,                     Number of data points only
    Available stop conditions                    travel distance, number of readings
    Configurable pass / fail limits          Yes, with customizable fields and templates                          X
    Reporting                                                                                                     X
    Save and recall test data                                                                                     X
    Save and recall multiple test setups                                                                          X
    Gauge configuration utility                                                                                   X
    Large digital display

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