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Test Stands

Model ES05

Force, Manual, 30 lbF / 150 N

The ES05 test stand is an economical and compact compression test stand for
various testing applications. A spring-loaded lever allows for repeatable testing
with up to 1.5” (38 mm) displacement, and the lever mechanism can be reposi-
tioned along the length of the column.


n	 Spring loaded lever mechanism
	 Convenient for repetitive testing.
n	 Repositionable lever mechanism
	 Adds flexibility in test setups.
n	 Compact size
	 Portable, small footprint.

ES20  ES10  Models ES10 and ES20

            Force, Manual, 100 lbF / 500 N

            The ES10 and ES20 test stands are economical and compact
            push/pull solutions for many testing applications. Available in
            lever (ES10) or hand wheel (ES20) operation.


            n	 C hoice of lever (ES10) or hand wheel (ES20)

            	Lever action provides for quick testing at high
               speeds, while hand wheel action allows for fine
               positioning and better motion control.

            u	 Optional 1” dial or digital indicator
            	For spring testing, rubber and polymer testing,

               and more. Digital model displays in and mm.
               Also available as brackets only (no indicator).

            n	 Compact size
            	 Portable, small footprint.

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