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Test Stands

    Model TSF / TSFH

    Force, Manual, 1,000 lbF / 5,000 N

    The TSF is a rugged stand with a broad, rigid column, making it perfect for spring testing,
    high force tensile testing, and other applications. Precision side-mounted hand wheel
    operation is virtually effortless over the entire 1,000 lbF range, without backdriving.
    Modular design allows for the gauge mounting plate and housing to be moved along
    the length of the column. Removable base (TSF) or mounting legs (TSFH) allow for a
    range of custom mounting configurations.

    Features:                                                                TSF

    n	 Side-mounted hand wheel operation
    	 Ergonomic load method minimizes operator fatigue.

    n	 Exceptionally strong column
    	Rugged 3” x 3” column is durable and stiff, ideal for spring testing.

       Inline force minimizes column bending during testing.

    n	 Optional 6” digital travel display                                    TSFH
    	Useful in spring testing, rubber and polymer testing, and other


                     Model TST / TSTH

                     Torque, Manual, 100 lbFin / 11.3 Nm

                     The TST is ideal for a wide variety of torque testing applications up to 100 lbFin, including

                     closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and more. Smooth hand wheel operation

                     ensures ease of use and a lever-operated slider with travel stops is provided for engaging

                     and disengaging samples. The stand includes a torque loading table with tapped holes

                     for grip mounting and a re-settleable angle indicator. Available in vertical and horizontal

                     configurations.    Features:

    TST                                 n	 Lever operated slider
               TSTH                     	For simply and quickly engaging and disengaging


                                        u	 Fixture mounting table with angle indicator
                                        	Steel table with threaded holes. Analog angle

                                           indicator with resolution of 2° may be reset.

                                        u	 Optional digital angle indicator
                                        	Useful in torsion spring testing, bottle cap testing,

                                           catheter testing, and other applications.

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