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Test Stands

    ESM1500 - Optional Functions

    Any of the below option packages may be purchased at time of order or may be enabled in the field at a later date though a simple
    activation process. A complete options package is also available, including all of the below features at a discounted price. The
    stands are shipped in Demo Mode, during which time all available features are enabled for 160 hours of operation.

                 Feature        Part No.                                 Description                                                                  Requirements
    FollowMeTM               SF008
                                          Crosshead movement responds to manually pushing or pulling on the force gauge shaft or load              - Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
    Travel indication        SF009        cell. Increasing force produces greater speeds. Ideal for setups and quick positioning.
                                          Travel is indicated on the control unit display, with output via USB. An internal scale utilizing        -
    Computer control         SF010        Renishaw technology produces significantly higher accuracy than with conventional rotary
                                          encoder-based designs. Backlash and nonlinearity are virtually eliminated. he most recent                - Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
    Programmable travel limits SF011      position is memorized between power cycles.                                                              - SF009 travel indication
                                          The ESM1500 may be fully controlled by a PC through a custom-written program in any                      - SF011 programmable travel set points
    Overload                 SF012        language supporting ASCII communications. Also responds to the legacy Chatillon TCD                      - SF009 travel indication option
    protection                            command set and legacy Nexygen TCD software (not available from Mark-10).
                                          The stand stops at or cycles between programmable upper and lower travel distances.                      - Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
    Auto return              SF013        Protects a force gauge or force sensor against overload. Program the desired percentage of full
                                          scale of the gauge. Adjustable analog output voltage setting allows the stand to interface with          - Reversing at force set point: Series 7 or
    Cycling / dwell time     SF014        virtually any gauge with analog output.                                                                   5 gauge or indicator

                                          The crosshead moves to a limit switch, force set point, travel position, or break, then stops and        - Reversing at travel limit: SF011
                                          reverses direction at full speed to the opposite limit.                                                   programmable travel limits option

                                          Same as auto-return, but with the ability to program up to 100,000 cycles. Programmable dwell            - Reversing at break: SF019 break
                                          time for upper and lower limits (set independently) can be set up for up to 10,000 seconds.               detection option

                                                                                                                                                   - Same as auto-return, at the same
                                                                                                                                                    speed in each direction. Add SF016 for
                                                                                                                                                    independent up and down speeds.

    Independent up and down  SF016        Individually configure speeds for the up and down directions.                                            -
    Speeds                   SF017
    Low speed range          SF018        Extends the standard speed range down to                                                                 -
    extension                             0.001 in/min (0.02 mm/min).
    High speed range
    extension                             Extends the standard speed range up to 90 in/min (2,300 mm/min).                                         -

    Break detection          SF019        Crosshead stops at a sudden drop in force.                                                               - Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
                                          Programmable percentage of peak force.

    Loadholding              SF020        Dynamically adjusts the crosshead position to maintain a programmed load for an indefinite or            - Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
                                          specified period of time.                                                                                - If a specified time is required, order

                                                                                                                                                    SF014 cycling / dwell time option

    Preload / sample touch   SF021        Stops the crosshead and/or zeroes the travel display at an initial preload - useful in tensile,          - SF009 travel indication
                                          compression, spring, elongation, and other applications. Preload is programmable as a percent-           - Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
                                          age of force gauge/load cell full scale. Three modes: (1) stop, (2) stop and zero, and (3) zero
                                          without stopping.

    Profiles                 SF022        Save and recall sets of test parameters, such as speeds, travel limits, preload, etc. Maximum of         -
                                          50 profiles may be stored.

    Complete options package SFCOMP                                                                        Includes all funtions listed above.
                                                                                                     Requires a Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator.

    Ordering Information

    ESM1500LC*       Motorized test stand with load cell mount, 110V*
    ESM1500FG*       Motorized test stand with force gauge mount, 110V*
    AC1055           Base plate, matrix of threaded holes
    AC1054           Base plate, multiple center hole threads

    * ESM1500 contains a universal power supply (80 - 240V) and includes a power cord with US plug.
    Add suffix ‘E’ for Euro plug, ‘U’ for UK plug, or ‘A’ for Australian plug. Ex: ESM1500LCE

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