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Test Stands

            Model TSFM500-DC / TSFM500H-DC

            Force, Motorized, 500 lbF / 2,200 N

            Designed for compression and tension testing of springs, packaging, metals, fabrics,
            and other items requiring up to 500 lbF of force. Generous clearance and throat depth
            accommodate a broad range of sample shapes and sizes. The stand’s durable and
            rigid column minimizes bend, making it particularly well suited for spring testing.

            Speed is adjustable and a remote control unit provides added safety during testing.
            Other features include a manual fine adjustment knob and a stepper motor that
            prevents speed variation with load. The stand can cycle between limit switches
            or force limits. Overload protection protects a force gauge against damage from
            excessive force. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations.




n	 Broad speed range
	 Set the speed from 0.01 - 6" [0.2 - 150 mm]/min.
n	 No speed variation with load
	Stepper motor control eliminates any speed variation, regardless of the force produced.

                   n	 Removable base
	 	The entire base may be removed for alternative mounting in a larger testing system.

                   	Optional 6” digital travel display
	 	Useful in spring testing, rubber and polymer testing, and other applications.

                   	Limit switches
	 	 Upper and lower adjustable solid state limit switches. Repeatable to 0.001” [0.03 mm].

                   n  Cycle between limit switches or force limits
                   n	 Custom column lengths

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