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Industries & Applications

   Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

   n	Needle penetration force           n	Tubing connector pull-off force n	Luer lock torque
   n	Tablet crush force                  n	Dental and bone screw torque n	Adhesive strength
   n	Suture strength                     n	Tensile strength of orthodontic wire of bandages
   n	Packaging peel force                n	Stopcock torque
   n	Syringe plunger force               n	Catheter torque

   Automotive                            n	Fastener torque testing               n	Bearing torque testing

   n	Switch activation force            n	Ignition switch torque                n	Coefficient of friction testing
   n	Ergonomics / job task analysis     measurement
   n	Rotary dial torque                                                           n	Windshield wiper arm force
   n	Torque tool calibration             n	Turn signal stalk activation testing
   n	Seat belt retraction force
   n	Job task analysis                   n	Wire terminal crimp pull testing

                                         n	Spring testing

   Springs                               n	Compression spring testing            n	Torsion spring testing

   n	Extension spring testing


   n	Spring testing                      n	Passenger control button              n	Cable tension testing
   n	Wire terminal crimp pull testing      activation force                      n	Tensile strength of materials
   n	Force and torque testing of dials
                                         n	Bearing torque testing
      and switches                       	

   Electronics                           n	Component pull-off testing            n	Keypad testing
                                         n	Component shear testing               n	Connector insertion/withdrawal
   n	Switch force activation             n	Peel strength
   n	PCB bend testing                                                                force
   n	Wire crimp pull testing

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