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Test Stands

                   Model TSTM-DC / TSTMH-DC

                        Torque, Motorized, 100 lbFin / 11.3 Nm

                          Ideal for a wide variety of torque testing applications up to 100 lbFin (200 lbFin
                          upgrade available), including closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and
                          other applications. Motorized clockwise and counterclockwise rotation produces
                          highly precise and repeatable tests. Versatile modular design allows the stand
                          to be configured for a variety of configurations while a lever-operated slider with
                          travel stops makes engaging and disengaging samples quick and efficient. The
                          stand includes a torque loading plate with tapped holes for grip and custom fixture
                          mounting and a resettable angle indicator.

                          The stand can cycle between angle or torque limits. Overload protection protects
                          a torque sensor against damage from excessive torque. Available in vertical and
                          horizontal configurations.




    n	 Broad speed range
    	 Set the rotational speed from 0.01 - 15 RPM (0.05 - 90°/s). Optional extended range.
    n	 No speed variation with load
    	Stepper motor control eliminates any speed variation, regardless of the torque produced.

                             	 Fixture mounting table with angle indicator
                            	Steel table with threaded holes. Analog angle indicator with resolution of 2° may be

                            n	 Integrated digital angle indicator
                            	Measures in degrees or revolutions, with RS-232 output. USB converter available.
    n	 Cycle between angle or torque limits
    n	 Custom column lengths

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