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Welcome to Mark-10

   Table of Contents                                                                                                                 7
                            Digital Force and Torque Gauges                                                                          24
                            Plug & TestTM Indicators and Remote Sensors                                                              26
                            Wire Crimp Pull Testers                                                                                  27
                            Ergonomics Testing Kits                                                                                  29
                            Software                                                                                                 43
                            Test Stands                                                                                              58
                            Grips & Attachments                                                                                      63
                            Dimensional Drawings                                                                                         1

   Configuring a Mark-10 System                                                                                                          3

   Force Testing Systems                                                           Torque Testing Systems

    1 Test stand                                                                1  1 Test stand                                   2
        Produces the force needed for the test.                 3
        A test stand eliminates much of the                                            Produces the torque needed for the
        variability inherent in hand-held testing             4                        test. A test stand eliminates much of
        with a force gauge. Motorized and                                              the variability inherent in hand-held
        manual models are available.                                                   testing with a torque gauge. Motorized
                                                                                       and manual models are available. Basic
    2 Digital force gauge                                                              and advanced motorized models are
        Measures the force being produced on                                           available.
        the test sample. Choose from several
        gauge series. All Mark-10 gauges mount                                     2 Torque indicator / gauge
        to Mark-10 test stands without the need
        for any extra adapters.                                                       Measures and displays the torque being
                                                           2                          produced on the test sample. Choose
                                                                                      a force/torque indicator with Series R50
    3 Test stand options                                                              remote sensor, or the basic all-in-one
        Numerous options are available                                                TT03. Several torque capacities are
        to increase the functionality of                                              available. All mount to Mark-10 torque
        test stands, including digital travel                                         test stands without the need for any
        indication, PC control, cycling,                                              extra adapters.
        extended speed ranges, and more.
                                                                                   3 Grips and attachments
    4 Grips and attachments
        Choose from a wide range of grips and                                         Choose from a selection of grips
        attachments, many designed for specific                                       and attachments, designed for such
        tests such as peel testing, wire terminal                                     applications as bottle cap torque testing,
        testing, and more.                                                            fastener torque testing, and more.

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