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Digital Force & Torque Gauges

Series 7                                                 Series 5

Series 7 professional digital force gauges are designed  Series 5 premium digital force gauges feature a fast
with a number of sophisticated features for the most     sampling rate of 7,000 Hz and ±0.1% accuracy.
demanding tension and compression measurement            Additional advanced features such as averaging
applications, up to 500 lbF (2,500 N). The gauges        mode, external trigger mode, password protection,
feature ±0.1% accuracy and a blazingly fast, industry-   and data memory for 1,000 readings make this flexible
leading sampling rate of 14,000 Hz, producing reliable   gauge series ideal for a wide range of applications.
results for extremely quick-action tests.                Capacities up to 1,000 lbF [5,000 N].

Features:                                                Features:

n	High speed data capture and storage                    n	 Communication with external devices
	Capture and store up to 5,000 continuous data          	Fu l l A S C I I c o m m a n d s e t , a l l o w i n g f o r

   points at a rate of up to 14,000 readings per            communication with a PC, PLC, or other device
   second. This unique function is ideal for capturing      through USB or RS-232. Mitutoyo and analog
   switch activation forces, sharp breaks, and other        outputs also included.
   short-duration applications.
                                                         n	 Averaging / external trigger modes
n	 A utomatic data output / save / zero /               	Addresses the need to record the average force
   I/O pin toggle
                                                            over time, useful in applications such as peel
	Upon peak force detection. I/O pin toggle can             testing, while external trigger mode makes switch
   stop a Mark-10 motorized test stand.                     activation testing simple and accurate.

n	 Programmable footswitch command string                n	 Data memory
	Up to 3 functions may be specified, along with         	1,000-point data memory with statistics (min, max,

   delays between each function.                            mean, standard deviation), and outputs.

n	 Custom unit                                           n	 Password protection
	A user-defined unit multiplier may be programmed       	Passwords may be set for calibration and for

   for custom applications.                                 individual keys, designed to protect the gauge
                                                            against unauthorized changes.
n	 1st / 2nd peak detection
	 For tensile testing and other applications.

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