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Digital Force & Torque Gauges

    Series 5 COF                                                      Series 4

      The M5-2-COF coefficient of friction (COF) gauge                Series 4 advanced digital force gauges feature a
      is an integral part of a COF testing system, typically          sampling rate of 3,000 Hz and ±0.2% accuracy,
      including a motorized test stand and COF fixture.               producing reliable, accurate results in a wide range
      With a capacity of 2 lbF [10 N], the gauge can be               of applications. Set point indicators with outputs
      used to measure friction for a wide range of materials,         are ideal for pass/fail testing, while an analog load
      ideal for conformance to ASTM D1894 and other                   bar provides graphical representation of applied
      relevant standards. Static and kinetic coefficients             load. Data memory for 50 readings is also provided,
      are displayed on the backlit LCD, and are calculated            along with data communication capabilities.
      from a user-programmable sled weight.
                                                                      n	 Data outputs
      n	 Programmable sled weight                                     	USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs.
      	The COF is calculated based on the sled weight,
                                                                      n	 Data memory
          adjustable from 100 to 1,000 g, to conform to               	50-point data memory with statistics (min, max,
          various standards. A password can be set to
          protect settings from unauthorized changes.                    mean, standard deviation), and outputs.

      n	 Communication with external devices                          n	 Set point indicators with outputs
      	Fu l l A S C I I c o m m a n d s e t , a l l o w i n g f o r  	High, low, and in-range indicators and outputs

          communication with a PC, PLC, or other device                  are activated according to programmed upper
          through USB or RS-232. Mitutoyo and analog                     and lower set points.
          outputs also included.
                                                                      n	 Analog load bar
      n	 Data memory                                                  	Provides visual representation of applied load,
      	1,000-point data memory with statistics (min, max,
                                                                         and helps provide feedback for an imminent
          mean, standard deviation), and outputs.                        overload condition.

      n	 Password protection
      	Passwords may be set for calibration and for

          individual keys, designed to protect the gauge
         against unauthorized changes.

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